Welcome to the Felix Club

Raising Funds For Charity

We bring like-minded people together to raise money for good causes

Felix stems from Latin (felix, felicis) meaning “lucky” or “successful”

“The harder you work, the luckier you get” – Gary Player

previous events

Six6s Lunch 2019

Middlesex CCC Vs Leicestershire CCC on Day 1 of the Specsavers County Championship

The Felix Cup 2019

Battle at Burhill – Sponsored by Crystal Sports Travel

what we stand for

  • Fundraising for good causes

  • Creating business opportunities

  • Arranging fun events where you can meet like-minded people

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch

what people have said about us

“What the Felix Club do for the charity is huge. They not only raise funds but create awareness and build partnerships with new companies that is so valuable to our mission. I cannot recommend them highly enough for people you would like to work with, whatever area of business you are in.”
Tom Warner
Regional Development Manager at the Lord's Taverners
“I’m glad I was able to support the event, it really was brilliant."
Trinity Seenath
Head of Channel Development, Karlson.
“Thanks for hosting us. It was a brilliant day and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Adam Gentry
Business Development Manager, Arbuthnot Latham.