Six6s Lunch 2019

Day 1 of the Specsavers County Championship

Middlesex CCC Vs Leicestershire CCC

Cricket is dull and boring. That’s the view of so many people when you mention the sport. Our guests at the 6 Sixes day at Lord’s probably wouldn’t agree with that view, and I certainly wouldn’t, however, I could be a little biased. I’ve been involved around cricket most of my life, and I can see why people think it is dull. Like many things in life, there is a big difference between being involved (in this case, playing cricket) and watching. Cricket is a game of chess on a piece of grass. Bowlers and batsman have to continuously out-think each other. Captains constantly tinker with field setting, plans and have to manage the 10 other players in their team as well as perform their own duties. The sport has huge following around the world. If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching a county game at Lord’s or any county ground around the country go and do so. If you are fortunate enough to get tickets to an England match, I am sure you would thoroughly enjoy the experience so don’t hesitate if the opportunity arises, especially if you can attend with someone who knows a little bit about the game. I would suggest starting with a T20 game (the shorter form of the game of 20 overs per side lasting approximately 3 hours). This form of the game is one of the faster and more exciting versions of the sport and can take place in a midweek evening for those who work.

The Felix Club, our charity fundraising club, organised a small corporate fundraising event at Lord’s Cricket Ground to watch Middlesex take on Leicestershire on day 1 of the Specsavers County Championship. This format of the game is not quite as exciting as its T20 cousin, however, has many other positive attributes, especially for a corporate day out. Access to a box is easier to arrange. If you don’t arrange a box, it is difficult to get a large group of guests together in a private section where they can talk and meet each other without disrupting the other spectators. The day starts at 11 and finishes at 6, so there is plenty of time for people to meet and talk to each other in a relaxed environment that few other corporate events can offer. If guests aren’t particularly interested in the sport, it does not matter, they do not have to watch it. As the organisers, you can create entertainment in a number of formats as we did.

This was the fourth 6 Sixes lunch the Felix Club have organised, three years to the month the club was started. Since then, we have raised over £16,000 for good causes. 25 guests joined us in the two private boxes arranged by Middlesex County Cricket Club to support the Lord’s Taverners charity who provide disabled and disadvantaged children with a sporting chance. We included various activities throughout the day to keep the guests entertained, from a Q&A with the Managing Director of sports hospitality business Eclipse Sports, Steve Surridge, a score predictor game, ‘heads n tails’ game, a silent auction and a tricky batting challenge.

In our score predictor challenge, guests had to predict the score at 5.30 pm when we announced the winner. 6 guests were within 15 runs of the final result and the winner Ian Dinning was within one run of the total 284. Our version of the well-known ‘heads n tails’ game involved guests answers to questions with a 4 or 6 and Steve Surridge performed best winning the prize.

Our next activity was a batting challenge that involved guests hitting a ball repeatedly in the air without dropping the ball with a plastic bat. Many experienced cricketers and professional or semi-professional sportspeople were in the room and took the challenge on, but the winner was someone showed incredible determination and focus to win with an almighty total of 102. That was Trinity Seenath. She was magnificent and fully deserved the award.

(Note – We have decided to rename the batting challenge, the Trinity Challenge in recognition of her performance.)

Our values in the club are to provide environments where guests can develop friendships, have fun and raise funds for good causes. We aim to connect with like-minded people. People who are generous in spirit and give first before they look to receive. We would like to grow the number of events we put on and meet partners, venues, sponsors and guests that would like to get involved. The events can be sporting or non-sporting.

Our day coincided with the same day that the England cricket team chased down 359 with more than 5 overs to spare and losing only 4 wickets against Pakistan. England are making the game look easy at the moment. It isn’t easy, they are just very good. The team is in a good place for the Cricket World Cup that starts in a few weeks and we wish them well. And for those who are new to the game or are put off because they think it is dull and boring. Give it another chance, it might just surprise you.

Quotes from our guests:

“I’m glad I was able to support the event, it really was brilliant”.
Trinity Seenath – Head of Channel Development, Karlson.

“Thanks for hosting us. It was a brilliant day and one that I thoroughly enjoyed.”
Adam Gentry – Business Development Manager, Arbuthnot Latham.

“Thanks for inviting me to the 6 Sixes Day. I had the most enjoyable day and met some really nice people.”
Ian Dinning, Head of Marketing Communications, Lookers Plc.